Missin You


Verse 1- hey baby i miss you
you left me so alone
i call you
i page you
you doin me wrong
can't that
we were meant to be
why are you
doin this to me

Chorus- and i'm missin you
all night long
i'm missin you
can't you see that
this is goin wrong
i can't believe
you broke my heart
we should not be apart
we need to be together
cause i'm missin you

Verse 2- look baby
think bout you
all the time
i wonder
what went wrong
why aren't you mine
i sit here and  i cry
i ask myself why

Bridge- oh baby why can't see
what this heartbreak
is doin to me
and i miss u
oh boy
i gave you all my love
i thought you were sent
from above

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