There's Something About You


Verse 1-It started in November
This thing I got for you
I saw you chillin with your homies
And I just had to get with you
I had a premonition
And it involved you & me
Sittin' togetha
And we looked so happy
I started wishin'
And wonderin'
If the feelings I had
Would one day make me happy or sad

Chorus- There's something about you
That really turns me on
I got a thing for ya
And I don't know what's goin on

Verse 2- Everytime I'm around you
My mind goes blank
I don't know what is causing  this
Or I have God to thank
But I'm getting these vibes from you
That are saying that you want me
Just make time for love
Cause we've got to be
Chorus 2x

Bridge- Baby boy
You've got to
Be my toy
I dream about
You all the time
Can't seem to get you
Off my mind
Chorus [....]
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