Promise Me


Verse 1: (Male Vocals)
I can't remember
The last time I looked someone else's way
I want only you
(Female Vocals)
Neither can I baby
This love
Must be true
(Male Vocals)
Shh baby listen
I wanna give all my
Love to you
I'd give you my life
Just promise me
You'll be my wife
Just the sound of your voice
Puts a smile on my face
You've got a space in my heart
That couldn't be replaced

Promise me
You'll stay by my side
Promise me you'll never make me cry
Promise me promise me

Verse 2:
(Female Vocals)
Baby boy I'm so glad
You're my man
To find your love
Wasn't part of my plan
You've captured my heart
And you hold it's key
But are you willing to make this promise to me
That you'll always be around
No matter
What goes down
Do you promise me


(Male vocals)
Yes I promise
And this to you I swear
No matter what
I'll be there (Female Vocals in unison with males): You'll bethere
(Female vocals)
Promise me
That'll you'll never break my heart
Promise me
That we'll never be apart
Promise Me


(Male vocals)
And I promise you

(Female vocals)
And I promise you

I will
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