I Regret


Verse 1: We had an argument
And decided to split
Never did I imagine
That I'd regret it
Now I know they say
You shouldnt regret the things you do
But I cant forget the simple fact
Im still in love with you

Chorus: I regret
The day I let you turn away
I regret
That things turned out this way
I regret
Saying the things I said
And I regret
Doing the things I did
And the one thing
That is more than true
I regret falling in love with you

Verse 2: Woke up this morning
Broke down in tears
I loved you so much
For so many years
Why am I crying
Because youre still mine
Cus youll be right back
With me in time


Bridge: Why do I waste the time
Of trying to let go
(I dont know)
Should i stay
Or should i leave
Because in my heart
I still believe
That after all is
Said and done
You are still the one
And when my love comes
Down to the test
Baby I'll always regret

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