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Town of rock'n roll

Mallu Magalhães

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Tom: F
(C Bb F)
Guido started running after fighting with mom
his feet are burning
now he's under sun without ceiling
and silent flying like that old feeling

Flanders' walking home
kicking little stones
his feet are burning
now he's holding all his bones
and his guitar on his back

Dubble-Z woke up just to see his friends
He plays music as well and music never ends
In this town - the folk’n’roll town

(Bb F C)
Guido needed
a music miracle
he's new in town
in town of rock n roll 

D-drums turned lights off
waiting for night to come
but they kept waiting
now the only star shining is the sun
and I guess the only one

Dubble-Z woke up
just to see his friends
he plays music as well 
music never ends
in this town
the rock n roll town

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    Composição: Mallu MagalhãesColaboração e revisão:
    • Adriano Aranome
    • Poliana Vasconcelos
    • Raphael Sifuentes

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