When God Fearing Women Get The Blues

Martina McBride

Composição de: Leslie Satcher
tom: D Afinação: E A D G B E
Starts off with 4 bass kicks 
All 4 measures in D while fiddles play 
Verse 1 
Lock up your husbands Lock up your sons 
A   G (eighth notes starting on 4 - for Bass) 
Lock up your whiskey cabinets Girls lock up your guns 
Lock up the beauty shop No tellin' if they've heard the news 
Call the boys downtown at Neiman Marcus Tell 'em lock up them high heels shoes 
              B                  G                        D 
When God-fearin' women get the blues  
There ain't no slap-dab tellin' What they're gonna do 
Run around yellin' 
D|------------------------G         D   A                             G        D 
I've got a Mustang It'll do 80 You don't have to be my baby 
D|-----------------------G             D         A  
   G  hold for 4.5 measures     D 
I've stirred my last batch of gravy You don't have to be  
my------------------------ baby 
D for 4 measures while fiddles play 
Verse 2 
Call all the deacons Call the ladies aid 
A   G (eighth notes starting on 4 - for Bass) 
Call all the altos, sopranos, tenors Call every bass 
Well call all the Pentecostals Bring that anointing oil too 
Well call the preacher He's the only one can reach her And there ain't no  
time to lose 
All in D (8 measures) 
Fade out all in D
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