Can You Read My Mind?

Maureen McGovern

Composição de: John Williams / Leslie Bricusse
tom: Bb
F                        G/F
Can you read my mind ?
Gm7                         C7SUS4  C7  F  C7SUS4
Do you know what it is you do to me ?
F                         G/F
I don't know who you are,
Bbm7                 C7SUS4  C7
Just a friend from another star.
Cm7                  F7SUS4     Bb7M
Here I am like a kid out of school,
 Cm7                  F7SUS4     Bb7M
Holding hands with a god or a fool.

F/Eb  Eb         F/Eb Eb
Will you look at me quivering
Eb/Db Db          Eb/Db Db
Like a little girl shivering.
Gm7  Am7  Bb7M  C7
You can see right through me.

F                       G/F
Can you read my mind ?
Gm7          C7SUS4  C7  F  C7SUS4
Can you picture the things I'm thinking of ?
F                        G/F
Wond'ring why you are
Bbm7                    C7SUS4  C7
All the wonderful things you are.
Cm7                  F7SUS4     Bb7M
You can fly you belong to the sky,
Cm7                  F7SUS4     Gm7/b5    C7
You and I could belong to each other.
F              G/F  Gm7  Am7  Bb7M  Gm7 C7SUS4  C7
If you need a friend, I'm the one to fly to.
F        Bb7M     F  Bb7M   Bm7/b5   Dm/E    A
If you need to be loved, Here I am. Read my mind.
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