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Late September Dogs

Melissa Etheridge

Tab de baixo: Principal

Date: Thu, 28 Nov 1996 18:52:03 +0000
From: Nic.B*

Subject: /e/Melissa_Etheridge/Late September *


[bass intro] :

     ?5string B ----------12--------------------------------_|
G ----------------------------------------------------------_|
D --------------------------12------------------------------_|
E ----15(16)-\6-----4-------------7-----4\2--------2b4------_|
     |_________|         |_________|     ^          ^
 fret at 15, pick &          ^         slide     bend if you
 quickly bend to 16     {harmonics}              can (ouch),
then slide down to 6                           otherwise slide

[intro/first lines of verse]- picking pattern 1
                                                       D G B e
   // C                                      |     x_x________
e-||----------12----------|--------12--------|---  |_|_1_|_|_| 10_|th fret
B-||.------------(13)-----|-----------13-----|---  |_|_|_|_|-----_|
G-||.----------------(12)-|--------------12--|---  |_|_|_2_|_3---_|
D-||--10---10-------------|-10--10-----------|---  |_|_|_|_4-----_|
   \\                                        |     | | | | | |

      Csus                                   \\    x_x________
e-------------13----------|--------13---------||-  |_|_1_|_|_| 10_|
B----------------(13)-----|-----------13-----.||-  |_|_|_|_|-----_|
G-------------------(12)--|--------------12--.||-  |_|_|_2_|_3---_|
D-----10---10-------------|-10--10------------||-  |_|_|_|_4_4---_|
                                             //    | | | | | |

 C                       Csus                     C       Csus
Just outside my window I hear the late September dogs
      C                       Csus                  C     Csus
and I understand their warning, I understand their song
 C                Csus                 C       Csus
Since you left, I feel a change in the air
     C                     Csus                  C        Csus
and night after night, I'm searching for mercy everywhere

      C                       Csus
so I wake in the street and I call out your name
        C              F(strum)
and I shout to the sky please,

[chorus]: (strumming)

               Am                     G
come on let it rain, let it rain down on me
                   F                         G
let the rain touch my hands let the rain set me free

           [pattern1] C    Csus   C    Csus
let it rain down on me

     C                      Csus                       C       Csus
 silence is the steel that pierces and cuts me to the bone
in dreams the hand that touches you is mine, and mine alone

      C                       Csus
cruel is the light, is the morning shining down on me
  C                       Csus
hours with the devil to understand just what you need

[pre-chorus],  2nd line "..rain fill my eyes.."


[bass solo]

C                           Csus                     C      Csus
Just inside the distance, I hear the late September dogs
I so I beg for sleep, the child who walked before she crawled

C                   Csus                            C     Csus
damn my soul that remembers and clutches to this pain
      C                   F[strum]
the spear in your side is me come on let it ...


         Am                                 G
oh ho ho let it rain, let the rain fill my eyes
               F                            G
I don't wanna see, no, let it rain down on me

      [pattern1] C     Csus           C  Csus
let it rain down on me       oooh hooo


C   Csus [pattern1] to fade


Alternative fingering for C and Csus :
    C                  Csus
___________         ___________
|_|_1_1_1_1 10th    |_|_1_1_1_1  10th fret
|_|_|_|_|_|         |_|_|_|_|_|
|_|_|_3_3_3         |_|_|_3_3_3
|_|_|_|_4_|         |_|_|_|_4_4

If the C,Csus at the 10th fret is too trebly or hard on the fingers, it
also works playing C,Csus at the nut (or possibly C,F {bracketed}) like

   // C                                      |     x_____o___o
e-||-----------0----------|---------0--------|---  |_|_|_|_1--_|
B-||.-------------(1)-----|------------1-----|---  |_|_|_|_|--_|
G-||.-----------------(0)-|---------------0--|---  |_3_4_|_|--_|
D-||----------------------|------------------|---  |_|_|_|_|--_|

    Csus or {F}                              \\    x_____o____
e--------------1----------|---------1---------||-  |_|_|_|_1_1_|
B-----------------(1)-----|------------1-----.||-  |_|_|_|_|--_|
G---------------------(0)-|---------------0--.||-  |_3_4_|_|--_|
D-----{3}--{3}------------|-{3}--{3}----------||-  |_|_|_|_|--_|


If you don't have loads of bass guitar in the back, it might be better to
strum C,Csus or even C,F at the prechorus, rather than continuing picking
pattern 1.

320003 - G
xx3211 - F
x02210 - Am

comments, improvements, etc. welcome


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