Always Wanting You

Merle Haggard

Composição de: Merle Haggard
tom: G
     (G) Always (C) wanting you, but never (G) having you, 
     makes it (Am) hard to face (D) tomorrow 'cause I 
     (Am) know I'll be (D) wanting you (G) again. 
     (G7) Always (C) loving you, but never (D7) touching you, 
     some (Am) times hurts (D) me (Am) almost more (D) than 
     I can (G) stand. 
     INTERLUDE:  ( G, C, G, Am, D, Am, D, G ) 
     I'd been (G) better off if I'd turned (D7) away and never 
     looked at you the (G) second time.  'Cause I really had 
     my life all (D7) together till your eyes meet (G) mine. 
     And there I say a (G7) yearning and a (C) felling 'cross 
     the room that you (G) felt for me.  Wish I'd (Am) had 
     away of (D) knowing that the (Am) things we had in 
     (D) mind could never (G) be.
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