Every Fool Has A Rainbow

Merle Haggard

Composição de: Merle Haggard
tom: D
Intro: D G A D 
       D             G 
Every fool has a rainbow 
     A                  D 
That he never seems to find 
      G           A         D 
The reward that should be waiting 
        G           D 
At the end of the line 
    D                         G 
But he'll give up his ded of rose's 
        A                  D 
For a hammick filled with thorns 
        G        A        D 
And go chasing after rainbow's 
      G        A        D 
Every time a dream is born 

Refrão -------------
taucet     D             G 
And every fool has a rainbow 
          A       D 
That only he can see 
      G     A         D 
every fool has a rainbow 
        G       A       D 
and the rule applies to me
Refrão -------------

break - play chorus then sing chorus again and end
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