Alien Days


tom: Db (forma dos acordes no tom de C ) Capotraste na 1ª casa
E         B7                           E        E7
Sometimes the windows combine with the seams in a way
C             D7                     G#7sus4
That twitches on a peak at the place where the spirit was slain
C#m      C
One foot leads to another
E                      Emaj7
Night's for sleep, blue curtains, covers
D                  Dm
Sequins in the eyes
That's a fine time to dine
Edim                                            E
Divine who's circling, feeding the cards to the midwives
B7                   E
Who love those alien days
B7                E
The nonstop alien days
B7            E
Ooh the alien days

E                   B7                  E
Must've skipped the ship and joined the team
For a ride
C              D7
A couple hours to learn the controls
And commandeer both my eyes
C#m            C
Be quick dear, times are uncertain
E                        Emaj7
One month crawling, next year blurring
D                    Dm
Decades in the drain
Monograms on the brain
Decide what's working and what's moved on
To the last phase
B7                   E
The floodgate alien days
B7                   E
I love those alien days
B7                E
Mmm... the alien days

F                  G                    C
When the peels are down, it feels like traveling in style
F               G                   A
You don't need wings to hover forty ton stones for a mile
And in the summer, virgin visions
Mindless humming
            F               G                 C#m7b5
Numbers can't decide if the day's supposed to smile

E B7 E B7
A Edim G#7sus4 G#7 C#m C

E     B7                          E
Today find infinite ways it could be
Plenty worse
C                       D7
It's a blessing but it's also a curse

F          G                    C
Those days taught me everything I know
F              G
How to catch a feeling
And when to let it go
How all the scheming, soulless creatures
D                                 F
Can't find dreamer's honey in the hive
        G                    C#m7b5
If it's right beneath the nose

F                  G
And when the light is new
The sky shows trembling cartoons
F              G
You don't need smoke to cover
Most of the world in a gloom
But here comes racer number 7
Watch my fingers ripping out the lines

F      G                 C#m7b5
If it looks like we could lose
F      G                 C#m7b5
If it looks like we could lose
F      G                 C#m7b5
If it looks like we could lose
F      G                 C#m7b5
If it looks like we could lose
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