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Me And Charlie Talking

Miranda Lambert

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
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tom: D
No Capo 
For every chord listed in the lyrics, strum these chords  
listed below. You will have to listen to the song to know how to do so. 

A                                        D 
Me and Charlie boy used to go walking, sittin' in the  
woods behind my house 
 D                          A 
When being lovers meant a stolen kiss and holding hands  
with nobody else around 
   A                                    D 
Charlie said he wanted to get married, but we were only  
ten so we'd have to wait 
D                                    A                                 
He said we'd never let our love run dry like so many do  
these days 
   A                                           D 
Charlie always said he'd like to leave here, turned  
eighteen and left our sleepy town  
  D                                 A 
Letters came and went and I kept waiting for Charlie to  
come back and bring the life he'd found 
  A                                       D 
Funny how time and distance change you, the road you take  
don't always lead you home 
 D                                 A          
You can start a love with good intentions and then you  
look up and it's gone 
 A                                      D 
Even now I sometimes think of Charlie, how we thought we  
new it all back then 
 D                        A          
Now I'd give anything to feel love from a child's heart  
 D                                                 D    E                 
So we treat our love like a firefly, like it only gets to  
shine, for a little while 
  D                                                    D    
Catch it in a mason jar and with holes in the top and run  
  E   A 
like hell to show it off 
G                                  E                  G 
Oh promises we made when we'd go walkin', that's just me  
 D     E       A 
and Charlie talking 
The 2nd and 3rd Chorus goes: 
So you treat your love like a firefly....
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