United States Of Eurasia


Composição de: Christopher Wolstenholme / Dominic Howard / Matthew Bellamy
tom: Bb
Intro: Eb Eb7M Eb7 Cm/Eb Ab6 Abm7

Eb Abm/Eb Eb
You and me are the same
Eb Abm/Eb Eb Gm/D
We don't know or care who's to blame
Cm Ab Bb
But we know that whoever holds the reins
G7/B Cm
Nothing will change
Fº7 Bb
Our cause has gone insane
Eb Abm Eb
And these wars they can't be won
Eb Abm Eb Gm/D
These wars they can't be won
Cm Ab Bb
Do you want them to go on on and on?
G7/B Cm F7 Bb
Why split these states when there can be only one?!
-- Eb Abm/Eb Adim/Eb Eb7
Must we do as we're told?
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