Cifra Club

Let's Impeach The President

Neil Young

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
tom: G
    G                   D            G
    Let's impeach the president for lying
                        D           Em  G
    and misleading our country into war,
                     D             G
    abusing all the power that we gave him,
                          D             G
    and shipping all our money out the door.

     G                 D             G
    Who's the man who hired all the criminals,
                                 D                  Em   G
    the White House shadows who hide behind closed doors,
                          D                   G
    and bend the facts to fit with their new stories,
                       D               G
    of why we have to send our men to war?

    G                   D             G
    Let's impeach the president for spying
                   D             Em    G
    on citizens inside their own homes,
                    D          G
    breaking every law in the country,
                           D             G
   tapping our computers        and telephones.

G               D                 G
    What if Al Qaeda blew up the levees,
                                 D         Em  G
    would New Orleans have been safer that way,
                      D               G
    sheltered by our government's protection
                             D         G
    or was someone just not home that day?

           G                  D              G
    Yeah, let's impeach the president for hijacking
                      D               Em     G
    our religion and using it to get elected,
                  D            G
    dividing our country into colors,
                             D         G
    and still leaving black people neglected.

           G                 D           G
    Thank God he's cracking down on steroids,
                       D            Em  G
    since he sold his old baseball team,
                           D               G
    there's lot of people looking at big trouble,
                            D        G
    but of course our president is clean!

           G     D          G           G      D         Em  G
    Thank God,       thank God ! Thank God,        thank God!
           G    D          G          G          D      C    G
    Thank God,      thank God, thank God, yeah, yeah, thank God!
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