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New Found Glory

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

You're 21 and jaded
While I’m just trying to survive but you still
See me smiling
You're arrogant like you've made it
Acting like the living dead
But I'm the one who’s alive instead

Fires, fighting, and long wasted nights have
Become the moments that I live for
Stories of a different kind
You do it for money while I do it for a good time
And you can bet when it ends
I’ll be full of debt but I'll have no regret

Rocket shooting you straight to the top
And I’m afraid you miss the point
And you need some reminding
You’re no pioneer, your way was paved
A decade ago I was in your shoes
But never had your attitude

I’ve been around the world a thousand times
Had people shouting out my name
To later on forget all the words they sang
And it never felt the same
You'll be emptied files in a trash can
And I’ll be a good find in a used bin

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  • IndieQueen Victoria

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