What you Want


Uh, yeah, yeah, yo
Hey yo, I told you from the get' boo, what's mine's is yours
And I can put you in the seat over these mindless whores 
So why competin' with this spineless boar
I mean look at G, he got all kinds of flaws
Sittin' in the spot wit the shit box
Rock's a sports center, playing Play Station
(Damn, sound like I'm playa hatin')
But I ain't into that, I'm hard core intersex
Large born, click gone like the Internet
Ain't you something precious, get out them double Lex's
And them Sergio's here, lemme show you clothes
You're ear, double "c's", them jeans double "g's"
(Yo, I ain't gon' front)
You can get her what you want (What?)

[1] - [Next]
Baby girl what I need is what you want
(What I need is what you want)
I can buy you things
Spend my money on you girl
Cuz it ain't no thing
Come here and get a taste of my love
(Come and get a taste of my love)
I got everything you need and more
What's mine is yours and girl I'll give you more

Girl it's all true
When you get me in the mood
I just wanna wine you and dine you
Ice you girl
Hit you off, wanna make you my girl
Cuz everytime your diamond shines
Girl, the world will know you're mine
Cuz you got what I want 
And girl, I got what you need

[Repeat 1]

I wanna freak you and baby when I'm through
You know you'll never be lonely
And always be loved
Have everything cuz you're all I want
Cuz as a man I'll come correct
Giving you from my respect
Cuz you got the good love
And I got the stuff you need

[Repeat 1]

Uh, uh, yeah, yeah
Everytime I look at sis I got the stare and the slow gaze
I'm picturin' us first class, no show a day
Just sayin' no grass, no snow days
Look at me, hooks in me like the O'Jays
Lemme stop trippin and I ain't about trickin'
You got me bustin checks and I ain't even busted yet
I told you from the jump, I ain't gonna front
It's all up to you boo, tell me what you want

[2] - [Next]
Girl I'll pay your bills if you freak me like I want
I will give you something you can feel
Whenever you want it

Girl I'll pay your bills if you freak me like I want
I will give you something you can feel
You just come and get it

[Repeat 2]
[Repeat 1]

[Ad lib until fade]
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