(Nicky Wires) Last

Nicky Wire

Composição de: Nicky Wire
"The furies are at home in the mirror, it is their address. Even the clearest water if deep enough can drown"

Hatred made a final stand
He felt some strength he made some plans
He looked at love the battle lost
Like the charge of the light brigade
Or a bitter twisted Thatcherite

This is my last crusade
No one is listening anyway
Speak in tongues and language lost
I found alchemy and I found trust

The grass has covered all the scars
A last crusade a last hurrah
From the bottom of your heart
You've had you say you've played your part
If only hate were generous
And not this mass of emptiness

This is my last crusade
To rid this land of hipocrisey
To lay down bare the miserable truth
Of vanity and greed inside you

This is my last crusade
The greatest thing I ever said
But crusades are doomed to fail
Leaving me all alone again.
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