Love Can Build A Bridge


I'd gladly walk across the desert 
With no shoes upon my feet 
To share with you the last bite 
Of bread I had to eat 
I would swim out to save you 
In your sea of broken dreams 
When all your hopes are sinkin' 
Let me show you what love means 


Love can build a bridge 
Between your heart and mine 
Love can build a bridge 
Don't you think it's time? 
Don't you think it's time? 

I would whisper love so loudly 
Every heart could understand 
That love and only love 
Can join the tribes of man 
I would give my heart's desire 
So that you might see 
The first step is to realize 
That it all begins with you and me 

(Repeat Chorus) 

When we stand together 
It's our finest hour 
We can do anything, anything 
Keep believin' in the power 

(Repeat Chorus) 

Love and only love 
Love and only love
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