Air Traffic

Owl City

Composição: Adam Young
Tom: F# (forma dos acordes no tom de D ) Capotraste na 4ª casa
Intro: D  Em  G  (2x)
       D  A  G  (4x)

D          A        G
The bird is here, and we are off
   D       A          G
To wherever those wings take us.
D       A       G
The atmosphere is crawling with airlines
     D               A
That wind through the clouds,
and look down on the crowds.
D         A        G
Relax your back and let the noise
D          A       G
Sing you to sleep in my arms.
D     A      G
If you awake before we arrive,
       D        A
I will carry you down,
and I won't make a sound.

( D  Em  G )  (2x)

( D  A  G )  (2x)

D           A        G
The scent is strong as we move on,
    D             A       G
and breathe in the pristine crime scene.
D           A     G
The false veneer is old like a substitute
D         A       G
Volunteer from, oh, some other year.
D         A             G
I'm just a show as far as I can tell,
   D         A      G
So I paint my eyes a light green.
D         A        G
The silver beams are twirling and swirling
D                 A       G           G
Throughout your dreams like air traffic streams...
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