Her Voices

Pain of Salvation

Composição de: Fredrik Hermansson
tom: D
(intro) E5 F#sus4 D B5

C7+     Bm7   Em/C      Bm7
Looking at you I see her face
C7+          Bm7       C7+
Through all these years, just waiting
   Em7                    C7+
It all catches up to you when you slow down
I'm back in that yard,
C7+        Bm7
tasting that shame
 C7+       Bm7    C7+         Bm7
Of pushing her down, Of kids and her games
         Em7   F#m7
...their strongholds
C#m7        Asus2   C#m7          Asus2
We had a bigger world - we had a better view
  C#m7               Asus2
I guess I never fully realized then
     G#m7       F#m7    Asus2     Bsus2
What she lost when I  cut   that   loss


 C7+           Bm7      C7+      Bm7
So she filled the void with unearthly friends
C7+     Bm7     Em7   F#m7
Voices of hers - greater...
C#m7        Asus2   C#m7          Asus2
We had a bigger world - we had a better view
  C#m7                      Asus2
I wish she'd never told us about her voices
G#m7             F#m7  Asus2  Bsus2
We were strong, we were much  too    strong

(intro) - *Never forgive - never forget*

We picked and pierced, we ripped and we tore
We hit and we scratched to make in her a hole
Glares and eyes - whispers and notes
Attached to her every pose

( Am Gsus2 D5 F5 Am )

(Cm Bb G#  Gm  Fm Eb Cm)
We fed her shouts
For the collection of her voices

(Bm  A G F#m Em   D Bm)
I was too weak to collect
But so, it turned out, was she
Both paid in soul for the cutting of that loss

Their ugly truth
Outnumbered by far her beautiful dream
And I closed my eyes
Were her eyes in yours already when we met?
Am I still paying debts to recover Life?

C7+     Bm7     C7+       Bm7
Now I can see she proved to be right
 C7+        Bm7
As she was called down
It's sad though...
...that I turned out to be one of her voices.
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