Listen To What The Man Said

Paul McCartney

Composição de: Paul McCartney
tom: G
(intro) G C G   G C G

D6        Cmaj7    Bm7                        Esus
Any time, any day, you can hear the people say,
E    Am                   Bm
that love is blind, well, I don't know, but I say
        C    Cm7   G C G   G C G
love is kind

D6          Cmaj7        Bm7                    Esus
Soldier boy kisses girl, leaves behind a tragic world
E   Am            Bm
But he wont mind, he's in love, and he says love
   C   Cmaj7 G C   G C G
is fine

(refrão 3x)
Oh, yes, indeed we know, that people will find a way to go,
   G                   Gmaj7 G7
no matter what the man said
And love is fine for all we know,
For all we know, our love will grow
G                   Gmaj7
That's what the man said
G6            G                      Gmaj7
So, won't you listen to what the man said?
G6       G C G  G C G
He said

    G            G6   Gmaj7 G6
The wonder of it all, baby      (x3)
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