Folk Jam


Composição de: Pavement
tom: E Afinação: E A D G B E
If you enjoy the company of a descending family tree
Well tuck in your thoughts, it's there or it's not.
    A                        E
the feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeling is mutual

Well, pardon my birth, I just slipped out, origins i can't brag about.
Spawn of a bank inquisitor
    A                 E
And theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeives, I wish.

E     E   B   B      E E  A  A     A  A    A  F#m
Watch out the snitch also involves himself in blackmail.
A                   E            Bm       A         E
One would think the interests conflict. Yeeeeah, hooo

The air is so tight I feel so thin, hot as the come to closing in
Hot as the gun I'm closing in
     A                   E
And reeeeeeeeeeeeeap the benefits

E E     B   B     E  E      A    A     A   A A      A  F#m
Beware, the head, of state, says that, she believes in leprechauns
A                E                     Bm    A      
Irish folk tales scare the shit out of me, yeah 

A                  E                B
Be as it may, I'm happy to say I'm around
A                   E              B
Miles accrued.. and passengers add up
    A              E                  B
The message on the mirror says "Stick with me."
      A                 E               Bm
Cause no one's there to read your reflection when I'm gone
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