How Born The Angels

Phoenix Rock

Composição de: Sérgio Dias
tom: D Afinação: E A D G B E

One night without certainty
Bm                       F#m
And the stars on the sky tell me
G                Em
We need to believe it
We always have a choice
D                   A
We must to know to live
Bm                             F#m
We can't give up 'cause the defeat
G          Em               A
We must to fight by the victory
D                           A
Everything I'm speaking is seriously
Bm                           F#m
When everything is lost of our hands
G              Em           A
Anyminute he's coming,my friends

C                            G
And he will save all of us to fly
C                             G
He is coming with him's red coap
C                                  G
We will to feel the fire chower of the sky
C               G
But,he will help us 
A                       C
I saw how was born the angels
G                     A
They are like the superman

D                         A
One mistery in all the unniverse
Bm                    F#m
The revenge is something bad
G                            Em
We must to have love in our hearts
And new era,now start
D                       A
The greed never can to win
Bm            F#m
Please stay with me
G                Em          A
He is coming all ready,my friends


C                    G
We must to love for live
C                       G
We must to respect round here
C                              G
Take your hands and look up to the sky
C                                G       A   C  E
You will see an angel with a red coap tp fly
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