She made me cry


Composição de: H. Santisteban / O. MALAGUTTI
tom: C
Int. (C Fm G)

       C              Em
Let me tell, my whole story
I had some time ago
          Fm     G      C
She was a pretty little girl
           Em             A    A7
She was my wife, I was so glad
Dm           Fm
My happiness finished so fast, my
C       B4     Am
She broke my heart and told me
F          Fm G          C     Fm G  C  Fm G7
She didn't love me no more

       C         Em
Then today I am alone
           F              Fm
I spend my time, spend my time
G              C
Sweeping the floor
         Em            A     A7
The dust goes my mind flies

Dm           Fm
The time goes by and I know
C     B4     Am
I'll find another girl
F     Fm       G
But I still remember
            C     Em/5-
She made me cry!
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