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      Pink Floyd

      Another Brick In The Wall

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      Tuning: Dropped "D"      I notice that Roger Waters seems to like this 
      tuning and many of the songs on The Wall and other albums by Pink Floyd 
      are in this tuning.
      NOTE:  The reverb effect can be simulated by pulling off and hammering on
      between the note indicated and the note in parentheses.
                "Another Brick in the Wall pt.2"    Repeat 4X
      G ------/--------------------//-----------------------//----------------------
      D ------/--------------------//.---------------------.//----------------------
      A ------/--R1--------R1------//.----3-5---5-5-0-0-3--.//--------------------
      D ---5--/-------0------------//---0-------------------//---5-----5-----5--5-
                                                        To Guitar Solo
      G -------------------------------------------------------------/------------
      D -------------------------------------------------------------/------------
      A -----------5-3-5---5-5----------3-----3-5---5-5-----------3--/------------
      D ---5-5-5-5-------------7-7-5-3------0-----------7-7-5-3------/-0----------
      NOTE:  Then repeat the whole song starting from the single bar line at the 
      beginning of "Another Brick in the Wall pt.2."  Keep going until you reach
      the single bar line that has "To Guitar Solo" above.  Then go straight to 
      the next part written below.  This part actually starts a measure before the
                               Guitar Solo              Repeat until the end
      G ---------------------//-------------------------------------------//------
      D ---------------------//.-----------------------------------------.//------
      A -----3-5---5-5-0-0-3 //.---5-3-5---5-5-0-0-3------3-5---5-5-0-0-3.//------
      D ---0-----------------//-------------------------0-----------------//------
      	Then, as I wrote in the tab, just repeat that until the end.  Well,
      that's it.  I hope that you find this accurate, and that it enlightens you 
      in some way.
      RX  Rest X number of measures
      /   Simply denotes the beginning or the end of an important part of the song
      //   This is a repeat.
      Contribuição: Caio Péricles(
        Composição: Roger Waters

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        • thiagomelli thiagomelli: Em 19/07/2012 20:40

          Felipe essa aqui precisa de uma corrigida e de uma vídeo-aula porque é um dos classico do rock n' roll

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