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Back On My Mind

Poison Gas

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

You're back on my mind
Oh how did I wait for this day, don't you see
Tried to forget, but it's hard so I can't
Cause something is saying to me that it's you
Who's back on my mind

To torment again
You keep following me, what a nightmare it is
Don't know if I love you or hate you, this is
A strange indecision, I can't see myself
I see that you're here
To take me out my sanity and make me sad

Back on my mind
I haven't lost my way, get out of my mind
You're here to make me mad, I'll push you away
Everything's over now, you may disappear
Cause I'm done with you

You're not here this time
I've already won, you mean nothing to me
This isn't the past, well, you once have been mine
But things are so different, get lost, if you please
I'm finally free, and all I ever wanted was to break this grip

You're out of my way
I left my mental prison, out of my way
This crazy sense of freedom's back on my mind
I know I can fly, I can make my own way
I might have my peace

Maybe I still love you, but not this time
Maybe I still love you, but not this time

Back on my mind
Back on my mind
Back on my mind
Back on my mind

Composição de Pedrinho/Gabriel Colen/Davi Leão/Rafael Baino
Colaboração e revisão:
  • Gabriel Colen

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