Cifra Club

A Song About Being Sad

Rex Orange County

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
Selo Cifra Club: esta cifra foi revisada para atender aos critérios oficiais da nossa Equipe de Qualidade.
tom: F
[Intro] Am7(5-)  Gm7(5-)  F7M
        Gm7(5-)  F7M  Gm7(5-)  F7M

[Primeira Parte]
  F7M                            F9
Always felt like I needed to please her, or impress her 
Though only in the hope that one day I would undress her 
Don't be offended 
               F9                          Bb7M
You think I'm 'bout to tell you that "I love you" 
But I really really really fucking don't 
See the months of obsession 
       F7M/C     F7M/C#     
And crying for hours 
Dm7      C#m7        Cm7            F7(9-)    Bb7M
I even started sitting down in the shower, girl 
                        C7(13-)  C13 
I'll take my time on my own 
            C7              F7M 
And I'll be fine now I'm alone 

[Segunda Parte]

  F7M                            F9
Constantly told stories with a stretch of the truth 
  Bb7M         A7M     Bb7M          A7M       
Trying hard to make memories to remember from youth 
   F7M                            F9
Desperately wanting you to be interested too 
It's not clear what I need yet 
But it's clear it's not you 
 F7M                            F7M/C                      
Here's what I'd say to any young man that's still interested  in 
Dm7         C#7M         Cm7  
Do you prioritise the things in your life 
               F7(9-)          Bb7M
The things that you hope to do 

Cause if not then 
                           C7(13-)     C13 
Mate you'd better trust me when I tell you that 
It's not worth forgetting about yourself 
Because of one fucking girl 
F7M                  F7M/C             F7M/C#
She may seem perfect, and gorgeous, and lovely 
You'll think she likes you 
C#m7             Cm7             F7(9-)        
I mean I thought she loved me, no 
But no 
                            C7(13-)     C13
Neither of us will get down from the shelf 
he only one she loves is herself
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Outros vídeos desta música
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