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Buenos Aires

Ricky Martin

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What's new, Buenos Aires?
I'm new'I wanna say I'm just a little stuck on you
You'll be on me too!

I get out here, Buenos Aires
Stand back'you wanna know what'cha gonna get in me
Just a little touch of star quality!

Fill me up with your heat with your noise
With your dirt overdo me
Let me dance to your beat, make it loud
Let it hurt, run it through me
Don't hold back you are certain to impress
Tell the driver this is where I'm staying

Hello Buenos Aires
Get this! Just look at me dressed up somewhere to go
We'll put on a show

Take me in a your flood, give me speed
Give me lights, set me humming
Shoot me up with your blood
Wine me up with your nights, watch me coming
All I want is a whole lot of excess
Tell the singer this is where I'm playing

Stand back Buenos Aires
Because you wanna know what'cha gonna get in me
Just a little touch of star quality!

And if ever I go too far
It's because of the things you are
Beautiful town'I love you
And if I need a moment's rest
Give your lover the very best
Real eiderdown, and silence

What makes a city, hum? Who gives it life?
The descamisados, the shirtless ones
The laborers, the butchers, the dockers
The shuffling workers in the stockyard, in the factories and on the treadmill
Do these people have ambitions, views, opinions?
They will soon

Don't you just love the smack of firm government?
We all appreciate the invaluable support, order and purpose
Provided by the military to our constitution
It will soon be time for the military to be our constitution, say some
Notably the military

The gathering at the polo ground glitters
The Bentleys, the hampers from Harrods
The diamonds, the clothes, the procession of nannies from England and France
Who on earth, or in Argentina
Would want to pull the rug out from under the polished feet
Of le crime of Buenos Aires society?

You're a tramp, you're a treat
You will shine to the dead, you are shoddy
But you're flesh, you are meat
You shall have every breath in my body

Put me down for a lifetime of success
Give me credit'I'll find ways of paying

Rio de la Plata! Florida! Corrientes! Nueve de Julio!
All I want to know

Stand back Buenos Aires
Because you oughta know what'cha gonna get in me
Just a little touch of
Just a little touch of
Just a little touch of star quality!

Composição: Andrew Lloyd Webber/Tim RiceColaboração e revisão:
  • Alan

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