Composição de: Badrilla Bourelly / Ernest Wilson / James Fauntleroy / Jerry Butler / Kenny Gamble / Leon Huff / Robyn Fenty
tom: Bb Afinação: E A D G B E
[Intro] Bb  Dm  Gm  Eb  Dm  Cm  F

      Bb                            Dm 
This whiskey got me feelin' pretty
So pardon if I'm impolite
   Eb                                Dm
I just really need your ass with me
    Cm                      F
I'm sorry 'bout the other night

       Bb                            Dm 
And I know I could be more creative
And come up with poetic lines
     Eb                                     Dm
But I'm turnt up off sizz' and "I love you"
       Cm                      F
Is the only thing that's in my mind

             Bb                 Dm        Gm
You take me higher, higher than I've ever been, babe
Just come over, let's pour a drink, babe
                 Dm        Cm        F
I hope I ain't calling you too late, too late

You light my fire
               Dm             Gm
Let's stay up late and smoke jay
I wanna go back to the oldways
                   Dm               Cm
But I'm drunk and still with a full ashtray
        F                  Bb            
With a little bit too much to say

[Final] Dm  Gm   Eb  Dm  Cm  F
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