96 Beers

Bob Rivers

Too many six packs
For one guy
To be buying
Too many brewskies
For one man
To guzzle down
That�s a whole lot of hops now
Lots of barley
You�re always burping
And taking a pee
Better watch out now
You�re gonna get sick
We�ll be at a rest stop
In just a little while
Better roll down a window
We�ll pull over here
And you�ll start tossing
Those 96 beers
Say goodbye
To 96 beers

And when the sun comes up
I�ll get a mop
You can wash my car
Clean it up
You�re up in bed
Lying there
The alarm�ll go off
It�s set real loud
Get your ass down here
Don�t make me shout
How can I get you to
Take these beer cans out?
Ya know your looking pretty fried
From 96 beers,
Your looking fried
Fried, fried, fried
I didn�t let you drive
On 96 beers
You better hide
Your wife�s outside
96 beers
96 beers
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