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Bad Case Of Loving You Solo

Robert Palmer

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
Tom: G
This is the little solo right after the bending/ of the 17th fret and maneuvering two15th fret of the b string, the 16th fret of the G string and then again tot he 10th fretthe  b string.... haha ill just show youAfter the chorus of "Bad Caaaaaaase Of Looooooving Yooou!"e:---------------------------------------------------------------|b:--17~-17-17-15----17~--17~-17-17-15----17~--17~-17-17-15--12~--|g:---------------16-------------------16------------------16-----|d:---------------------------------------------------------------|a:---------------------------------------------------------------|e:---------------------------------------------------------------|now for the solo piece... by Bending, bend the 12th note till it sounds like the 14th.may not be 100% accurate, but its in key pretty much to the actual thing, its good enoughrecognize it.e:----10-12b-10-------------12-------------10-12b-12-10-----------------|b:-12-----------12-10-12-12b--12b-12-10-12--------------12-10-12-11-10~-|g:----------------------------------------------------------------------|d:----------------------------------------------------------------------|a:----------------------------------------------------------------------|e:----------------------------------------------------------------------|alrighty that should do it, just a simple tab.....surprised there wasnt one before, butof that nature, feel free to email me or send comments and suggestions, again I wrote down by ear so no paperwork was in front of me dont kill me if its wrong, but it soundsenough to the real thingEmail:*Enjoy
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