Born To Be Together


tom: C
Dm7                                                 Em7 
The moment I saw you, my heart knew it was forever 
Dm7                                                        Em7 
You touched me and I swear I vowed then and there that I'd never  
       Am7   G              C   
No I'd never want somebody else to hold me  
G             C 
Let another's arms enfold me  
G     C     G      C        Dm     
Never never want nobody but you  
C                      F 
And then you kissed me and whispered tenderly  
Em7                  F           G 
"Darling I love you, I love you, I love you"  
C             F            G7                
And I knew we were born to be together  
F               G7  
We were born to be together  
F             G7           C9  
Baby, we were born to be together  
I never said a word, but I know you heard me sighin'  
You held me to your heart & I almost started cryin'  
Almost cryin': Baby, I'm so glad you found me  
Keep your lovin' arms around me  
Say you want me just the way I want you  
Chorus & fade
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