In Search Of Angels


tom: D Afinação: E A D G B E
D                         G
Pick up the broken pieces from the ground
Bm         A           D
All your diminishing returns
D                           G
And take a good look at the master plan
Bm              A            D
Cause down here every candle burns


D                        G
You are as gentle as the morning dawn
Bm          A              D
Torment can wash away your grace
D                            G
In search of angels with the Uist eyes
Bm      A                  D
So many suns light up your face


D           A         D
Tonight the skies are red
Em          D       A
So red they fill my eyes
D                            G              Em
Sundown on barren words that can?t describe     your island

D                     G
But I know that all?s well with the world
Em                  A           G
Don?t worry anymore Don?t worry now

Bm     A      D
mm     mm     mm


D                        G
To many seas to cross to many roads
Bm           A              D
You leave me with my higher need
D                       G
This one horizon in our borrowed hour
Bm           A       D
Such little lives we lead


Bm      A        D                      Bm      A       D
Another sun will rise                   mm      mm      mm

Worked out, written and submitted by
Will Fraser
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