Russ Lee

Composição de: Eddie Carswell / Jamie Harvill / Russ Lee
tom: D Afinação: E A D G B E
Intro: D  D2  D  Dsus  D

D                 D2
Lost and all alone 
                      D              Dsus
Looking for a reason for being 
In this crazy world 
Trying to go on 
Looking for the answers 
To the questions
And there You were

From the moment You appeared 
Everything became so clear
I'm so glad that You're here, Lord

D                       D2      
I smile when I think about 
       G                                A2
The way You've turned my life around 
D                      D2
I smile when I think about 
       G                  A2         D
The happiness in You I've found 
I'm so amazed at what Your love has done 
        G                                             A2
And when I think the best is yet to come 
  D      D2  D   Dsus    D
I smile! 
  D      D2  D   Dsus    D
I smile!

Wandering the dark 
Lost in the confusion 
I thought I was losing my mind for sure 
I searched with all my heart 
Looking for direction 
Something to believe in 
And there You were 
And You were reachign down to me 
You were everything I needed 
I'm so glad You found me, Lord

           C                              G
'Cause You've turned all my gray skies 
To the brightest blue, yes, You did 
        C                       G
And my life feels like sunshine 
And it's because of You 
                           D         D   D2  D  Dsus D
All because of You.. I smile
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