Gypsies On Parade

Sawyer Brown

tom: C Afinação: E A D G B E
Intro: Am G F F (x2) 
C                G 
We pulled out of Charlotte 
F                   F 
The snow is fallin' down 
C                    G 
We make our way in a one eagle sleigh 
F                      G 
'Till we reach another town 
Am                           G 
Our name is in lights on the billboard sign 
Am       G       F      F 
In every town we play 
F                      G 
But if you may, all it really need say 
F            G          C 
Are gypsies, gypsies on parade 
(verse 2, same chords) 
We pull in to a diner 
Folks just stop and stare 
You here 'em say man 
It's a rock-n-roll band 
By the look and the clothes they wear 
Then you telephone home 
'Cause you're feelin' alone 
And try to think of somethin' to say 
Seems all you get 
Are tears of regret 
For being gypsies, gypsies on parade 
C       G 
Gypsies on parade 
F              Am          Am-G/B-C (rundown) 
Vagabonds that got it made 
C                    G 
They don't know what they been told 
About the diamond rings 
    Am              F 
And fancy things we wear 
F                    G 
They don't know what dues we pay 
For being gypsies 
G          C 
Gypsies on parade 
(verse 3) 
Home is where the heart is 
But the heart is never home 
As I count the white lines 
And these exit signs 
Seems this guitar is all I ever hold 
The stories we could tell 
Or the stories we tell 
Make better all the time spent away 
From family and friends, it never ends 
For gypsies, gypsies on parade
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