Sonata Arctica

Composição de: Tony Kakko
tom: F

  Dsus9          Dm             Dsus9          Dm

E |0------0------1------1-------0------0------1------1---------------------|
B |--3------3------3------3-------3------3------3------3-------------------|
G |----2------2-------2-----2-------2------2------2------2-----------------|
D |0----------------------------0------------------------------------------|
A |------------------------------------------------------------------------|
E |------------------------------------------------------------------------|

(verso 1)
Dm             F         Bb
Mamas put your babies to sleep,
C                       Bb        C
Story too cruelsome for them this is.
Dm             F           Bb
In junior high she said goodbye,
C                       Bb         C
To her parents and ran away with a boy.
    Gm       F      C        Dm
She left her family warm and kind,
Gm         F                    C           Dm
All of her friends said "you´re out of your mind".
C                         Dm
Life of her own she would find,
     Gm                     Bb     A
It´s monday and she´s gotta grind.

(verso 2)
Dm                      F           Bb
A job as a waitress she sure was to find,
C               Bb        C
Beautiful face, mind of a child.
Dm                    F        Bb
Boy got her pregnant, mary-lou cried,
C                           Bb          C
"for this i am too young oh why did you lie?"
    Gm         F          C     Dm
You said "it´s okay if we do it today",
Gm       F               C        Dm
I was so scared that you would go away.
C                            Dm
"despite all the papers been signed,
Gm                      F         A
Mama take me back be so kind".

Dm     C                   F
Only a child, reckless and wild,
              Bb    C     Dm
Needs to come home again.
                C              Bb    F    C    Dm
He promised the moon but won´t marry you.
           C              F
Nothing to do, eating for two,
           Bb           C   Dm
He´s goin´ out with someone new.
            C                  Gm
Sunshine or rain, it´s all the same,
           F       C    Dm
Life isn´t gray oh mary-lou.

(verso 3)
Dm            F              Bb
Mamas do your children still sleep,
C                    Bb         C
In the safe of their cradles so sweet.
Dm                   F       Bb
Story i told you i have foreseen,
C                       Bb        C
Your little angel ain´t always so clean.
Gm      F           C       Dm
Days to come aren´t easy to see,
Gm      F              C        Dm
You can change ´em but it isn´t free.
C                          Dm
I see that you don´t believe,
Gm          F   C    Dm
Ooo-oo, but you will see.

(chorus 2x)
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