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Don't Want You No More

Steve Winwood

Ainda não temos a cifra desta música.

I'm through with you
And your pretty golden hair
Don't want to see you
'Round my door anymore
Ain't no use you making it up
I told you gal
And you've come unstuck
You be messin' me up

Don't want you no more
Don't want you no more
Don't want your lovin', honey
Don't want you no more.

You come around and you think
That I'm always there
Always was
But you never seemed to care
Ridin' around with them other guys
You don't seem to realize
That I'm all hung up on you


I stayed out at night
But I never seemed to sleep
Asked myself if you're worth
The money to keep
I'm thinking of the good
Times that we had
I never thought a gal
Could be so bad
I can't help thinkin' to myself


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  • Roger moreira

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