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Bye Bye Badman Acoustic

The Stone Roses

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
tom: G
Bye Bye Bad man

Words & Music Ian Brown & John Squire


    Gm6/Bb     C*
e-   0         3
b-   3         1
g-   0         0
d-   0         2
a-   1         3
e-   x         0

intro - (Palm mute) |D    |D    |D    |D    ||

Verse 1
D                             D7(fill 1)
Soak me to the skin, will you drown me in your sea,
           G (fill 2)   Gm      D
Submission ends.... and I ...Begin.
D                               D7(fill 1)
Choke me smoke the air, In this citrus sucking sunshine,
        G (fill 2)   Gm         D
I don't care, you're not... all there.
G                  Gm
Every backbone and heart you break
Will still come back for more
   G       Gm      D
Submission ends it all.

Chorus 1
D       G             D                 G
Here he comes, got no questions, got no love.
I'm throwing stones at you man,
 I want you black and blue and
I'm gonna make you bleed,
G                             Bm
 Gonna bring you down to your knees.
     Gm6/Bb  A
Bye bye badman,
Bye bye.

Choke me smoke the air, in this citrus sucking sunshine,
I don't care, you're not, all there.
You've been bought and paid, you're a whore and a slave,
Your dock's not a holy shrine.
Come taste, the end, you're mine.

Chorus 2 - As Chorus 1

Bridge 1
C*             G
I've got a bad intention,
    Bm                  C     D
I intend to , knock you *
      C*                              G
These stones I throw, oh these french kisses
        Bm             C      D
Are the only, way I've *

solo |C*    |G      |Bm       |C     D     ||

Bridge2 - As bridge 1

outro solo ||: C*    |G     |Bm       |C      D    : || (repeat to fade)

Fill 1


Fill 2


You can kind of do some of the solos on one guitar, but I haven't tabbed it out.... do your own thing,
or give me a shout...

Tabbed by Mike

comments, request to gyr84me:*
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