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Big Salty Tears


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What else?
Anything Else?

Mary! Mary!
Mary! Mary! Mary!
Saw Red!
Slow Ride!


You don't even realize
How long it's been sinse
I played any of these songs, like...
Well, I guess, you know, some of them, like...

Saw Red (? maybe s'all right?)

They all sound like this...

Roots of creation...

Baby one breath away
I'll find the words to say
I'll sit and light the bong
I'll hold my hit in real long
I don't know if I can
Go up inside of you tonight
Oh Mary baby,
I could do it right

You've heard the line before
Oh Mary baby please don't think that I'm a whore
If you come home with me,
Turn off the lights and lock up the doors,
And start getting busy
I don't know if I can
Go so way up inside you tonight
Oh Mary baby,
Please don't fuss and fight

When we got to the pad
Mary baby started calling me her dad
And she gave me head
We could not find the damn bed
Fifteen years old plus one,
Hotter than a microwave oven
Oh Mary baby,
Your daddy is coming home.

(cheers and applause)

My place, is not a home
Don't make no difference
But I've found,
That I need a place to stay
Though disease was just the price I paid

Big Salty Tears
Is what I taste
As I drive
Past your house
And all those break lights
That are in front of me
They make me
Want to get on tonight

This is a Ziggens song by the way

I'm at the age where I realize
The liquor store won't bring you back
I must be gettin' old
I'm at the drive-thru
And I'm making my face
All fat fat fat fat fat
Big Salty Tears

I'm at the age where I realize
Nothin' actually
Just do what I'm supposed to do
Next window please please please please please
Big Salty Tears

(cheers and applause)

Grandes lagrimas salgadas
É o gosto que eu sinto
Enquanto eu dirigi
Pela sua casa
De noite

E todas aquelas luzes de freio
Que estão na minha frente
Me fazem
Querer ficar ligado hoje a noite

Eu estou na idade onde percebi
Que a loja de bebida não vai te trazer de volta
Eu devo estar envelhecendo
Eu estou no drive-thru
E estou fazendo meu rosto mais gordo
Gordo gordo gordo gordo gordo
Grandes lagrimas salgadas

Eu estou na idade onde percebi
Nada na verdade
Apenas faço o que eu devo fazer
Próxima janela por favor por favor por favor
Grandes lagrimas salgadas

Composição: Brad NowellColaboração e revisão:
  • Mariana Piza
  • Thunders

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