Bloody Well Right


Composição de: Rick Davies / Roger Hodgson
tom: Eb
Gm        Bb        C          Gm   Bb F
So you think your schooling's phoney
Write your problems down in detail
Gm           Bb       C    Gm   Bb F
I guess it's hard not to agree
take them to a higher place
Gm         Bb   C   
You say it all depends on 
you've had your cry no I shouldn't 
  Gm     Bb  F Gm        Bb       C
  money       and who is in your family
say wail      in the mean time, hush
     Gm    Bb  F
your face
Fm7                Eb
Right right you're bloody well right
2.  (quite)
                            Bb   Fm7
you know you got a right to say right 
you're bloody well right know you got a 
         Bb   Fm7             Eb
right to say  Ha  Ha  you're Bloody well
                               Bb  Fm7
right you know you're right to say yeah 
yeah you're bloody well right you 
know you're right to say
      Ab/Bb            Bb     A Ab  Gm
1. and me I don't care anyway
 Bb C Gm   Bb F Gm   Bb C Gm  Bb F

  Fm7  Bb      Fm7              Bb
2.       you got bloody right to say

Repeat Ab/Bb  Bb till fade
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