The Cardigans

Composição de: Nathan Larson / Nina Persson / Peter Svensson
tom: C#m Afinação: E A D G B E
Intro: E C#m A E C#m A E

F#m                D         A
I've heard about a great big swindle
  E          B
I read about it in a book
F#m           D       A
The book flew out the window
    E              B
Was later found by thieves and crooks

And now
they're singing hallelujah
Em                 D
I'm wondering just what did they find
F#m       D         A
They say "what's it to ya?"
E         B
Just take a place in line

And wait
So I wait
I wait
And wait
Asus2         C#m A E
And I...

F#m          D       A
I'm one of a few survivors
E                    B
I'm a drawer labelled "lost and found"
F#m                 D        A
Moon travellers and deep sea divers
E                   B
Whose oxygen supply ran out

C#m                Am
Now maybe if their gods be willing
        Em                          D
They'll give us something, fill our empty cups
F#m             D           A
Sit down in the boat, don't spill it
E                      B            F#m
Or we'll just have to line back up

And wait
So we wait
We wait
Yes we wait
And we wait
And we wait
We will wait
Asus2           C#m A E
'Til we...

Solo (C#m A E x4)

C#m                   A          E
You can hear it in the beat they march to
C#m                        A          E             C#m
And you can feel the earth shake when they start to dance
                    A        E
You can tell by the way they move you
C#m                     A       E
It's not murder, it's an act of faith, baby

F#m        D           A
And as the world moves faster
E              B
Whiplashing us round and round
F#m          D      A
It's quite a slow disaster
E                 B
But people keep on falling down

        F#m      D   A
As they wait
   E        B
We wait
       F#m      D   A
And we wait
   E     B
We wait
       F#m      D   A
And we wait
   E     B
We wait
F#m              D   A
E    B           F#m
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