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Maple On The Hill

The Carter Family

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
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Tom: G
(intro) G C G D G

       G                                                      C                  G
    Near a quiet country village stood a maple on the hill,
                                                        D   D7
    there I sat with my Geneva long ag….o.
         G                                                                    C                         G
    When the stars were shining brightly we could hear the whippoorwill,
                                                  D               G
    and we vowed to love each other evermore.

      G                                                                  C                       G
    Don't forget me, little darling, when they've  laid me down to rest,
                                                          D   D7
    just one little wish, darling, that I pr.….ay.
     G                                                         C                   G
    As I linger there in sadness thinking, darling, of the past,
                                                D                      G        G C G D G
    let your teardrops kiss the flowers on my grave.

     G                                                                      C                          G
    We would sing love songs together when the birds had gone to rest,
                                                               D   D7
    we would listen to the murmur of the h…...ill.
       G                                                       C                     G
    Will you love me, little darling, as you did that starry night,
                                           D                 G
    as we sat beneath the maple on the hill.

   G                                                           C                               G
    I will soon be with the angels on that bright and peaceful shore,
                                                                 D   D7
    even now I hear them coming o'er the h…...ill.
     G                                                  C                    G
    So goodbye, my little darling, it is time for us to part,
                                               D     D7        G
    I must leave you and the maple on the hill.
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