Oh Scarlett

The Fratellis

Composição de: Jon Fratelli
Oh, Scarlett
Make my day
Oh, Scarlett
Won't you look my way

I'll be hanging on your every word
It's not obscene - it's just absurd
All the kings and queens adore ya
They can't love ya quite like me

Oh, Scarlett
I'm your flame, I'm your fire
Oh, Scarlett
I'm a dangerous liar

I swear before this night is through
I'll sweep the stars from under you
And all the strays and silhouettes will call your name
Until the blue light starts to fade
On all the girls on the parade
And I'll come pleading by your gate
How long does a poor boy have to wait
To put the pieces of your heart together again

Oh, Scarlett
Let me try, let me fail
Oh, Scarlett
Make me frightened and pale

I'll be your desert wind, your city street
I'll make your days and nights complete
And all the stars in heaven will shine
If you would just be mine
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