House Of Four Doors

The Moody Blues

Composição: John Lodge
Tom: D
(intro)  Gm    (plays 12 string acoustic)

Gm                    D7                 Gm                 D7
My stery spread it's cloak, a cross the sky, we'd lost our way.
Gm                 D7               Gm     G
Sha dows fell from trees, they knew why.....
F                                     Bb
Then through the leaves a light broke through....
 F                           Gm           ( D E )
A path lost for years lead us through.
A                            D              E
House of four doors, I could live there for ever.
A                              D            E
House of four doors,  would it be there for ever.
Bm                G                 D
Lone li ness, the face of pil grims eyes was known,
        Em       D         Em   (instrumental) Em D Em D Em
As the door...  open ed.. wide.
Bm                G               D
Beau ty they had found be fore my eyes to see,
     Em    D         Em      (creak.....'Harpsichord')
To the next..door.. we came.
Bm             G               D
Love of mu sic showed in ev ry thing we heard,
            Em    D              Em  (creak... 'orchestra' A D E)
Through the third door where are we?.
Bm            G           D
En ter in all ye seek to find within,
      Em            D             Em  (creak... 'Mellotron')
As the plaque.. said on.. the last door.
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