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Ride My See-Saw

The Moody Blues

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
Tom: F
(1.) Ride,   ride my see-saw, 
                 Bb                                        C 
Take this place on this trip just for me 
Ride,     Take a free ride 
                   Bb                                            C 
Take my place, have my seat it?s for free. 
       Bb                 F             C 
I worked like a slave for years, 
                Bb                    F           C 
Sweat so hard just to end my fears, 
           Bb           F               C 
Not to end my life a poor man 
Bb                                                       C 
But by now I know I should have run. 
Run,   run my last race, 
                   Bb                                             C 
Take my place, have this number of mine. 
Run,     run like a fire, 
                         Bb                                      C 
Don?t you run in, in the lanes, run for time. 
C        Bb                   F              C 
Left school with a first class pass, 
             Bb                       F            C 
Started work, but as second class, 
            Bb                             F        C 
School taught one and one is two, 
Bb                                                            Dm 
But right now that answer just ain?t true. 
C         Bb       F            C 
My world is spinning around 
            Bb          F              C 
Every-thing is lost that I found 
             Bb                   F             C 
People run, come ride with me 
 Bb                                                     C        Csus4        C         Csus4 
Let?s find another place that?s free. 
(Vs 1) 
C        Bb        C                                     Bb 
Ride, my see-saw................ Ride..........ride 
     C           Bb          C 
{{: Ride,   my   see - saw. :}} (fade)...
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