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Girl Sailor

The Shins

Cifra: Principal (violão e guitarra)
tom: D


A              E
The gutter may profess its love

A                   C#m     D
Then follow it with hesitation

A                     C#m     E                      D E
But there are just so many of you out there for rent

A                     E
A stronger girl would shake this off in flight

A                 C#m         D
And never give it more than a frowning hour

A                     C#m           E
But you have let your heart decide, loss has conquered you

D          E            D
You've won one too many fights

Wearing many hats every time

D       E                A     D E
But you wont win here tonight

A                          E 
You've made it through the direst of straits alright

A                        C#m                 D
Can you help it if plain love now seems less interesting?

A                      C#m     
You haven't changed an ounce in my eyes

E                         D E
And I cannot lecture you

A                   E       
And does anything I say seem relevant at all?

A                  C#m                 D
You've been at the helm since you were just five

A              C#m                     E
While I cannot claim to be more than a passenger

E|--Chor| us--
D           E                D
But, you've won one too many fights

        E                          D
Wearing all of your clothes at the same time

        E              F#m
Let the good times end tonight
   G                     D              E
Oh girl, sail her, don't sink her, this time

( D )

  A                    E                    A                    C#m      D
E|--------------------|--------------------|------------------7-| 9--------------12-9-|
G|------------11-9----| 9/11-9---------9---|--------------------|--------------------|

  A                    C#m                  E                                         
E|--------12-9--------|--------------------|------------7-5-4---| /7--5--4--/7----5-4-|
B|-------------11-9---|----------------7/9-| 7\5-------7---------|--------------------|
D|--------------------| 9-------------9-----|--------------------|--------------------|

F#m    G                  F#m
Just a moment or two from now

      G                     F#m
Not a mind will retain even a trace

       G                            D
Of the thoughts that I struggled to tell

And how our stack of cards just fell

E|--| Verse 3--
A                   E 
So settle this once and for all

A                             C#m              D
The light no longer shows the cracks around my door

A              C#m                      E
And I have no lantern to light your way home tonight

D       E                    D
You are not some saint who's above

        E                           D
Giving someone a stroll trhough the flowers

            E                   F#m
You've got so much more to dream of
   G                     D        
Oh girl, sail her, don't sink her

E          D
This time

E          D
This time

E          D
This time
Composição de James Mercer
Colaboração e revisão:
  • Julia Silveira
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