So Says I

The Shins

Composição de: James Mercer
An address to the golden door 
I was strumming on a stone again 
Pulling teeth from the pimps of gore when hatched 
A tragic opera in my mind... 
And it told of a new design 
In which every soul is duty bound 
To uphold all the statues of boredom therein lies
The fatal flaw of the red age

Because it was nothing like we'd ever dremt 
Our lust for life had gone away with the rent we hated 
And because it made no money nobody saved no one's life.

So we burned all our uniforms 
And let nature take its course again 
And the big ones just eat all the little ones 
That sent us back to the drawing board.

In our darkest hours 
We have all asked for some 
Angel to come 
Sprinkle his dust all around 
But all our crying voices they can't turn it around 
And you've had some crazy conversations of your own.

We've got rules and maps and guns in our backs 
But we still can't just behave ourselves 
Even if to save our own lives so, says I, WE ARE A BRUTAL KIND.

Cuz this is nothing like we'd ever dremt 
Tell Sir Thomas More we've got another failed attempt 
Cuz if it makes them money they might just give you life this time.
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