Senorita Margarita

Tim McGraw

Composição de: Bob DiPiero / George Teren
tom: F# (forma dos acordes no tom de D ) Capotraste na 4ª casa
*CAPO 4th FRET* 
Intro: D  G  D  G 
          D                         G                 D     G 
She left more than just her lipstick when she walked out 
     D                        G                         D     G 
Her memory keeps haunting me that's why I'm hunting you down 
    A                        G 
It's been a long time since our lips met 
        A                         G 
You've always been good at helping me forget 
     D                        A                       D 
I'll regret it in the morning but that's not stopping me now 
G                          D 
Senorita Margarita I'm as lonesome as a man can be 
I still love her, I still need her 
          D                     A 
I'm just hoping you can comfort me 
I don't want to do her wrong 
I don't need somebody new 
   Bm             A      E 
I just can't be alone tonight 
    G             A            G 
So Senorita Margarita, let me hold you tight 
G          D        G        A     D 
La la la la la la..............    oooh 
She always comes to her senses with some space and time 
And you're just what I needed to cool off this hot head of mine 
I hope you realize this is a one night stand 
I'm gonna get her back, I know I can 
So let's keep this between you, me, the salt and the lime 
(repeat the "la la la's" at the end twice) 
Outro: D  G  D  G   D
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