Tom Jobim

Composição de: Antonio Carlos Jobim
tom: C
[Intro] D7/9  G7/4/9  G7/9  D7/9  G7/4/9  G7/9  Gm7  
        C7/9  Gm7  C7/9  D7/9  G7/4/9  Db7/9+

C         C7M          C7
 When I arrived in New York
    C           C5+     D7/9
The immigration officer asked me
               G7/4/9       G7/9
Where have you been Mr. Bim
               C6        Em
Where have you been, Joe
             Em7           Em6      A7/9/13  Cm6/Eb
You've been abroad for too long Mr. Bim
Haven't you been?
  Dm7          Gm7   Dm7           G7/9-
I got to the Hotel exhausted to my room
Cm          Fm7
Having to attend a cocktail
Cm             F7
Late that afternoon
    E7M            B7/F#
And there my boss Nesuhi
   E7M/G#         B7/F#
An old friend of Jobim's said
F7M     C7/G         F7M/A   B7
May introduce you to Gloria?
       E6         G7/4/9    G7/9
By all means, buy all jeans

     C6/9          Am7           D7/9
I've never been in Paris for the summer
     G7/4/9/13      G7/9               C7M  C6
I've never drank a Scotch with this bouquet
   Am7                              D7/9
My life is such a mess let's have a Brahma
I'm happy that you called
  Gm7            C7/4/9  Gb7/11+  F7M
I really feel touché,   oh
                         Fm7       Fm6
It's been a long, a very long time
           C7M                Ab7/9-  G7/9-  C6/9
Since a Brazilian has been in Paris  com você

                       Am7          D7/9
You look so cute there wearing my pajamas
    G7/4/9/13    G7/9          C7M  C6
You look so sexy with my pince-nez 
      Am7                                  D7/9
Let's hijack this Concord to the Bahamas
Come on dress up my love
      Gm7          C7/4/9  Gb7/11+  F7M
Let's go to the ballet,   oh
                         Fm7       Fm6
It's been a long, a very long time 
           C7M                    Ab7/9-
Since a Brazilian has danced with you
   G7/9-  F#m7/5-  Fm6  D7/9  G7/4/9  Db7(#11)  C7M/9
Le pas-de-deux
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