Sneaky Snake

Tom T. Hall

Composição de: Tom T. Hall
tom: G Afinação: E A D G B E
Boys and girls take warning 
   C               G 
If you go near the lake 
C                   G 
Keep your eyes wide open 
    A7              D 
And look for sneaky snake 
Now maybe you wont see him 
    C              G 
And Maybe you wont hear 
    C                G 
But he'll sneak up behind you 
    D                      G 
and drink all of your root beer 
     G                 C 
Then sneaky snake goes dancing 
   G               C 
A' wigglin' and a' hissin' 
G                            C 
Sneaky snaky snake goes dancing 
  A7             D 
A gigglin' and a hissin' 
I don't like old sneaky snake 
   C                        G 
He laughs too much you see 
     C               G         
When he goes wigglin through the grass 
   D                G 
It tickles his underneath 
Well sneaky snake drinks root beer 
And he just makes me sick 
When he is not dancing 
He looks just like a stick 
Now, he doesn't have any arms or legs 
You cannot see his ears 
And when you are not lookin'  
He's stealin' all of our beer 
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